Wolf Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie

Caribou Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie


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Fresh Caribou Meat Once back at the camp, the meat of the caribou is cut up and prepared in many ways: Smoked, dried, boiled, fried, and frozen. From the caribou we make roasts, dry meat (a kind of ‘caribou jerky’) and chizi (pemmican). The bones are also used in such meals as soups and stews, the bone marrow from inside of the bone is also cooked and then eaten.
All parts of the caribou are used, from the head to the hooves. The head is saved to either roast over a fire or to make head soup - a delicacy reserved for special feast days, while the hooves are either boiled down into a jelly and eaten or else hung and dried so as to be tied to hunters belts becoming caribou chimes that clatter together and imitate the sound of walking caribou, masking the sound of the hunters steps through the snow in the spring and over the tundra in the autumn. Smoke Cache Caribou Hooves

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