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Caribou Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie


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Fanny Charlie and Family Fanny Charlie and Family - Crow Flats - Spring 1950

Traditional Caribou Clothing

The hair and the skin of the caribou is used to make numerous traditional crafts and clothing, which are still used and worn today, particularly in feasts and other celebrations. Moccasins, gloves, mittens, caribou skin and canvas boots, baby slippers, tea pot and coaster sets, beaded baby belt, jackets / parkas, vests, purses, dresses, and hair accessories are just some of the items made to this day by the Vuntut Gwitchin and the Gwitch’in Nation. Every part of the caribou can be used. The Vuntut Gwitchin live today as they have for tens of thousands of years. And they want to continue to practice their traditional way of life.

Gwitchin Beadwork

“We as Gwitch’in people truly RESPECT the VUTZUI [‘caribou’] and take only what we need. This is our way of conserving. We are dependent on the caribou in many ways. We are grateful that the caribou come back our way, close to Old Crow every year. Sometimes they are delayed; however, we still wait patiently because the caribou have never let us down yet. Our prayers have been answered when the hunter sees the caribou on Crow Mountain and calls out “Vutsui!” When they do this, everyone gets excited. Our stomachs will be full again and we will continue to survive and be a proud and strong nation. For this, we say “Massi cho!” [‘Thank you!’]”

~ Mary Jane Moses, Old Crow, Yukon ~

Gwitchin Beaded Gloves

Kecia Kassi - Age 2Kecia Kassi

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