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Part 2 - Life in Crow Flats - Page 2 - Photos taken April 22-23, 2002

Wood Tent Stove A wood stove inside the tent is used for cooking and as well, provides heat. The stove is also used to melt snow for drinking water.

Elder Mary Kassi and Rosalie AbelElder Mary Kassi shown right with Rosalie Abel has been coming to Crow Flats for as long as she can remember. We sit in the tent in the evening and listen as Mary tells us many long ago stories about her past trips to the Flats. These stories are both entertaining and also serve to provide knowledge for the next generation.

Elder Mary Kassi and Rosalie prepared breakfast for us. They prepared coffee, tea, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and sliced oranges. Breakfast

Kecia In the other tent Kecia enjoys a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and caribou meat.

Darius and the Kids Darius plays with April, Tyrell, and his son Bohdi.

Tracy tutors her children with their school work. The school year in Old Crow is not yet over so Tracy sets a specific time each day for lessons and homework. Pictured right, five year old Tyrell gets lessons from his Mother. Tracy and Tyrell

Tracy goes over April's homework assignment with her. Tracy, Tyrell, and April

Word Board A word board hanging above the inside of the tent entrance is used during word lessons.

April and Bohdi April and Bohdi enjoying a children's book.

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