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Part 2 - Life in Crow Flats - Page 3 - Photos taken April 22-23, 2002

Logs for Firewood Camp Chores. There are daily chores that need to be done around camp. Wood needs to be hauled, bucked, and carried into the tent. Snow for drinking water, cooking, washing, and laundry needs to be carried up from the lake and melted.

Kecia Kecia carries wood into the tent for the stove. Her Mother will keep the stove going and will spend the morning melting snow and boiling water for the days cooking and laundry.

Five year old Tyrell contemplates getting in on the act of helping his sister carry in wood. Kecia and Tyrell

April and Kecia split wood to make kindling which will be used for starting the fire in the mornings. April and Kecia

Rosalie hauls snow up from the lake in a bucket. Tracy fills up her melting pots with snow from the blue container shown below. She will go through two of these containers of snow each day.

Rosalie Tracy

In Crow Flats laundry is done with a wash board. Below Tracy and Kecia do their laundry.

Tracy Kecia

After her school lessons are done and her chores are completed April has a nap before supper. April - Nap Time

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