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Part 3 - Moving Back to Old Crow - Photos taken May 28-29, 2002 by Tracy Kassi

The Kassi family moved back to Old Crow on May 29, 2002. With the snow long gone, they are not able to travel back to Old Crow by snowmobile. Travel home will be by boat. They relocated their camp at Schafer Creek 2 kilometers away and from there traveled by boat down Schafer creek onto the Crow river and back down to Old Crow.

The snow is gone and with thoughts of going home to Old Crow, 7 year old April Kassi scrapes a moose hide. The hide will be tanned and used to make boots and slippers.

Traveling over the ground, a snowmobile is used to haul camp equipment to Schafer creek.

Danny transports Elder Mary Kassi to the Shafer creek camp by canoe.

The rest will walk the 2 kilometers to the camp.

Bohdi, Tyrell, and April at Schafer creek waiting to start the trip home.

Camp equipment is loaded into boats at Schafer creek.

Boats leaving Schafer creek. The trip back to Old Crow will take about 4 hours.

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