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Edith Josie I start to write news from 1963 and I still write the news about what is going on and also people how they make their living.  About four years ago, they publish my books and everything in it.  Since I start to write news a Connelly Airways fly to Old Crow with mail and also passengers, and later after D.C.3 Air North start to fly to Old Crow and it still fly to Old Crow, nice to have Air North flight so passengers could go Old Crow or Inuvik or Fairbanks, thanks so much for their flight.

I born in Eagle, Alaska and raise there and my parents they move to Old Crow around 1940.  I was 16 years old when I got to Old Crow, by that time people donít know about where is Old Crow.  Since I start write news for Old Crow so people start to know about where to go, and they really help their people and their community.  People are friendly and visit each other and tell a story and laugh, it was good but it was not like that, hardly nobody visit each other, so it was boring for Miss Josie and sometime she go out to Whitehorse for a trip and she glad to see all her friend in the Yukon.

In way back people have a open fire right outside of their house and fry meat and make tea.  When people see fire and start to come and start to eat, it was good, thatís what people should do together.  People have to get together and tell funny story and laugh, and so women should do that to visit each other and tell a story and laughing.  We have to be kind to each other and love one another, this is what our Lord Jesus asking us to do.  We got to have a strong faith power and also spirit.  We got to believe in God and say prayer everyday.  No matter where we are, we have to remember our God so he will be in our heart.  Now days people canít help each other and no meeting come up for a while and people donít know what is going on, so this is what I mean, Old Crow is not like way back.  They have a Yukon College here to take a high grade and learn something so they could work for their community.

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