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There is only one school in Old Crow, the Chief Zzeh Gittlit School. Grades run from kindergarten to grade 12. After grade 9 students have an option to attend high school in Whitehorse. There are 40-70 students registered in a given year and most all are Gwitchin.
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Chief Zzeh Gittlit School - Photo by T. JosieThe school follows the Canadian province of British Columbia's curriculum but there is a high local Gwitchin component. All areas of Gwitchin life are incorporated into the curriculum including language, math, social studies, fine arts etc. The Gwitchin language is also taught in the school. The school is an integral part of the community life and many of the local people work with the students. This is especially true of the elders who spend a lot of time teaching the pupils the ways of the past. They tell legends, show the students how to trap, fish and hunt. All the students spend some time on the land during the school year and we have a school cabin in the wilderness which is used extensively. In the spring many of the students go out on the land to Crow Flats to harvest the muskrats as their people have done from time immemorial.

Gwitchin culture therefore is an essential part of school life and when children complete their education here, they are very aware of their status as Gwitchin people. They are proud of their strong and noble history and get tremendous strength from this.

In the Fall of 2013 Chief Zzheh Gittlit School introduced a graduate program for those students not wanting to go to school in Whitehorse, also for those who want to finish High School in order to go onto college. After grade 9 our students have an option to either stay and attend CZGS until they finish or they can go to Whitehorse and attend one of the two high schools there. In June of 2014 Chief Zzeh Gittlit School graduated their first student, Sheila Kyikavichik who is now attending College in Fairbanks, Alaska! We wish our students all the best in finishing their education.

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Chief Zzeh Gittlit School Students - Photo by T. Josie
Students enjoy fresh donuts baked in the school kitchen.