Wolf Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie

Gwich'in Gathering Logo by Kecia Kassi GWICH'IN GATHERING 
July 7-13 2002 
The Biennial Gwich'in Gathering started in 1988 in Arctic Village, Alaska on the direction of the late Elder, Myra "Choo" Kyikavichik of Old Crow, Yukon. She felt that the Gwich'in Nation consisting of Gwich'in communities in eastern Alaska, North Yukon, and western North West Territories needed to come together to discuss issues surrounding the protection of our culture, livelihood, and the Porcupine Caribou Herd.

Since this time, selected Gwich'in communities such as Arctic Village AK, Venetie AK, Fort Yukon AK, Fort Mcpherson NWT, Aklavik NWT, and Old Crow YT have hosted the Biennial Gathering.

This year Old Crow was chosen again to host the Gathering. Below are links to the pictures of the 2002 Biennial Gwich'in Gathering - Old Crow, Yukon.

The People who brought you the 2002 Gwich'in Gathering!

Pictures from each day: Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Gathering cake. Baked by Ethel FrostWillow Joyleigh Frost - Too cute.
Annie and Nap Norbert - 55 years married.Dave LaVallee of the LaVallee Tradition band.
Georgie StewartMelissa Kisoun sing the blues.
Mathew Coon Come, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations and Ed Schultz, Chief of the Council of Yukon First NationsFarewell at the Old Crow airport.
Chow lineup, down the street.

Pictures from each day: Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Gwich'in Gathering - A Poem by Allan Benjamin
I'm proud to be a Gwitchin from Old Crow, Yukon
A place where you will laugh with Dick Nukon.
You'll listen to funny stories from Stephen Frost
And joke around with shitsii Ross.
You will hear fiddle music by Harold
And square dance with Carol.
You can dance the jig with famous Edith Josie
Or do the handkerchief dance with Rosie.
A place where you will pick berries with Mary
And eat nilii gaii with shijaa Gary.
You'll hunt vadzaih with Danny
And eat ch'itsuh with shitsu Fanny.
You will muskrat call with Glenna
And moose call with Jenna.
You can saw logs with Ricky
Or split wood with Vicky.
A place where you can get k'il with Sarah
And make a fire with auntie Clara.
You'll learn Gwitchin from Jane
And speak it to MLA Lorraine.
You will make bannock with Rita
And cook ts'iigyuu with Neta.
You can set fish net with Lawrence
Or eat luk with Florence.
A place where you'll jam it up with Ben
And clap with Isaac and Ken.
You'll visit Klo Kut with Shawn
And hike up crow mountain with John.
You will canoe with Cheryl
And set a tipi with Daryl.
You can roast dzun with Brian
Or eat duck soup with Ryan.
A place where you can stick pull with Randy
And sing a Gwitchin song with Brandie.
You'll want to pack baby Shae
And play around with Jay.
You will learn to sew with Mabel
And make sinew with Rosalie Abel.
You can hunt porcupine with Ronald
Or go to feast with uncle Donald.
Oh yes! I'm proud to be a Gwitchin from Old Crow
Where you'll meet Sandra, Harvey, Roger, William,
And Chief Joe.
Welcome to The Gwich'in Gathering!