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Pictures for
Thursday July 11, 2002

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Agenda for Thursday, July 11th - Last updated July 5, 2002
7:00-10:00   Breakfast
11:00   Meeting Starts
Topic of the Day:
Gwich'in Nation Health and Social Issues- Opening prayer service w/ Rev. Mary Teya
12:00   Lunch
  • Performers / Dancers
  • 1:00     Guest speakers:
    Helen Tizya, Hazel Nerysoo, Andy Nieman, and Dorothy Frost
    3:00     Break - door prize

    4:30     Sharing Circle and
                 Closing Prayer

    6:00   Supper - Cookout
  • Videos
  • Adult/Children
        Toonie Auction
  • 8:00   Events
  • Indian Bingo for     Adults and Kids
  • Fashion Show     Display
  • Skids Contest
        ie: plays, jokes, lip     singing to songs, etc
  •             Dance
  • Spot Dances