Album: Alaska Gwich'in Fiddler

Songs on this album:
1. Blueberry Pickin
2. The Joys of Quebec
3. Cajun Fiddle
4. I Don`t Love Nobody
5. Annie Laurie
6. Eagle Island Blues
7. Liberty
8. Arkansas Traveler
9. Those Endearing Young Charms
10. Leather Britches
11. Drops of Brandy
12. Peekaboo Waltz
13. Red River Jig
Bill Stevens can be contacted at:
P.O. Box 10025
Fairbanks, Alaska
USA 99710
Telephone: 1.907.451.8863

Bill Stevens is a Gwich'in musician specializing in the Athabascan (Indian) old-time fiddling music of interior Alaska. Born in an Indian trapping camp, Bill grew up in a traditional Athabascan lifestyle. He took up fiddling at age 14 and has been performing and teaching for many years. Athabascan old time fiddling music, introduced to Alaska by Hudson Bay traders in mid 1800s, is a blend of Indian, Scottish Orcadian and French Canadian musical traditions.
Bill Stevens