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Edith Josie July 2005
Here are the news from Old Crow.
Old Crow weather it was good and wind most the time. Old Crow is a busy place some people come and have a meeting and just busy place.

It was good to have a visitor come from Yukon and some from other place. Miss Josie very happy to come to Yukon and glad to see all her friends happy face. People are busy with meeting and it was good. We had a good winter and we could have a good summer to. Every place is busy and people just travel here and there. When people travel I wish they had a good travel.

Our Lord Jesus is our father and we all are one family so always prayer for every one in the state and Canada. That our Lord will give us good life and watch us every day and every night. God will blessed us and watch us every day and also night time.

I was glad to come to Whitehorse for a trip and met all the nice people. People travel every day and wish them a safe travel around. Our Lord will look after the people in Whitehorse. That they will have a good life and God will protect them day and night. Wish every one that God will give them a good health and life.

Lots of things is going on in Old Crow. Even helicopter take Elder up river to Whitestone, Johnson Creek and Elder are glad to see their country. Where they use to stay there summer and winter they all happy. Some boys working in Old Crow. They fix the house and busy every day. And some boys set net for fish some of them they one or two king salmon and beside that they get whitefish so it was good. Band Office are busy working and everything is good.

People are glad that they do every thing come out just like other town so people are glad. They repair some house and look good. For this people are glad. Hope to see caribou in fall time so we could make dry meat. And beside this it was nice to see Air North fly to Old Crow. They bring mail and some passengers travel around. It is nice to fly to Old Crow, Inuvik, Dawson, Fairbanks and fly back to Whitehorse. We have a nice weather sunshine and it is warm weather we have.

Sign off by
Miss Edith Josie