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Edith Josie May 2005
Here are the news from Old Crow.
Old Crow Weather is good since first of April. Nice sunshine and day time is warm sure enjoy the weather.

Old Crow is busy with meeting for the land and also Caribou and Fish. When meeting not many go to meeting it is good for them to listen what is going on.

I write news from 1962 and the book is in bookstore in Whitehorse I wonder is still some there? I write everything in news, how people make living. When Caribou come to Old crow.

Men they kill Caribou on mountain and family have to move up to mountain so woman make dry meat. Some time they move up river or down river to dry meat and same time the men they set net and they have to dry fish to.

In way back people busy out in the woods and their kids are happy to be out in the land. But now is not like that all they do is stay in Old Crow.

And now my daughter, Jane, and Randall Kendi they teach the kids Native Language and Mabel Tetlichi and some boys help her to take kids out to teach them how to be in the bush. So the kids are happy to go out in the bush. The parents and grandparents they could teach or talk to their grandchildren about how people make their living and stay out in the bush and busy in old days.

When Caribou come the father hunt for Caribou they take their boys out to trapping show them how to set traps After they set traps they get martin and mink they show them how to skin it and also show them how to dry the skin.

Hope we see caribou soon.
We really had good summer and enjoy it.
End of news by,
Miss Edith Josie