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Old Crow Nursing Station Health care in Old Crow is provided by the Nursing staff at the Old Crow Nursing Station. The Old Crow Nursing Station pictured left was built in 1960 and later upgraded in 1985. The station which is staffed year round by two nurses provides health care for residents of Old Crow. Other full time staff include a Receptionist, a Community Health Representative, and a Maintenance Worker. No Medical Doctor is stationed in Old Crow.

June Johnson, Dr. Beaton, Roz Mahood The Nursing Station is managed by the Nurse Practitioner in Charge. Assisting the Nurse Practitioner in Charge is the Community Nurse Practitioner. Both are Registered Nurses. The current Nurse Practitioner in Charge is June Johnson. She holds certificates in Northern Advanced Nursing Skills (ANCIP) and Community Nursing in First Nation Communities. The current Community Nurse Practitioner is Robert Postma. He replaced Roz Mahood who recently left Old Crow. Thank you Roz for your service and good luck in your new posting. Dr. Bruce Beaton travels to Old Crow once per month from Whitehorse.

Fran Curran Visits Old Crow Nursing Station Dr. Jonathan Keigan Provides Dental Care in Old Crow
Pictured above is Fran Curran, Director of Community Nursing for the Yukon Government's Health and Social Services Department. Fran lives in Whitehorse and regularily visits community Nursing Stations throughout the Yukon. Pictured above is Dr. Jonathan Keigan. Dr. Keigan provides dental care for Old Crow residents. He travels from Whitehorse to Old Crow 5 times per year.

Reception Pictured left is the reception area with Receptionist Shannon Wyers (right) and Receptionist Trainee Tracy Kapuschak. Their duties include maintaining patient records, setting up appointments, and arranging travel outside of Old Crow for patients who require special medical treatment.

Marion Schafer Marion Schafer pictured left is the Community Health Representative. Her activities include educating health professionals on the cultural and traditional way of life of the Vuntut Gwitchin people in Old Crow; visiting homes within the community to demonstrate and teach basic health principles such as nutrition, home nursing, accident prevention, etc.. She assists health professionals with health clinics and interprets health programs and services to Old Crow residents.

Hugh Charlie pictured right is the Nursing Station Maintenance Worker. His duties include changing x-ray fluids, furnace repairs, carpentry duties, freight handling, and other maintenance duties as required. Furnace Room - Hugh Charlie

The Nursing Station offers many modern medical services. These include rooms for Trauma, X-ray, Lab, Pharmacy, Public Health, Dental, and an Examination room.

The Trauma room pictured right is used to treat emergency trauma patients.

Nurse Roz Mahood in Trauma Room

X-ray Machine Nurses in Old Crow are trained to take and interpret x-rays of patients. The x-ray machine pictured left is limited to x-rays of chest and limbs only. Patients requiring more advanced x-rays such as x-rays of the head are required to fly to Whitehorse. Nurses examine x-rays of the limbs for fractures as well as examine chest x-rays for signs of pneumonia, tumors, and tuberculosis.

Nurse June Johnson in Lab In the Nursing Station Laboratory patient blood is prepared for travel to Labs outside of Old Crow. Lab tests performed by the Nurses include White Blood Cell Counts, Blood Sugar Analysis, Hemoglobin Counts, and Bleeding/Clotting Tests (INR).

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