Wolf Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie

Caribou Art by Lawrence Dean Charlie

Olympic torch Relay Photos

Images by: Michael Peter

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The first EVER 737 that has landing in Old Crow. Shel Graupe and Paul Doehle are all smiles. Erika Tizya-Tramm is very excited to be a torch bearer. Erika starts the torch for through Old Crow. Erika walking and waving to the cameras. Erika talking with all the people around her. Erika standing infront of Old Crow's welcome sign. Erika and the Olympic flame shining brightly. Allan Benjamin awaits the flame to continue the journey through our community. Erika passing the flame on to Allan. The flame has been passed on. Photo opportunity of the two torch bearers standing together with the falme. Allan decides to use his snow-shoes for his leg of the relay. The media truck was going a little too slow for Allan`s pace. Allan now has enough room to go. Close up of Allan. Allan sprinting to the end of his leg. Allan passes the flame off to Trey Charlie Allan gives Trey a high five as Trey begins. Trey starts to run. Trey desides to talk with the people before he really starts to run. Now Trey is really starting to run. Trey ran too fast and the flame went out. No need to worry though the committee was prepared and had lanterns with a back up flame, just in case this happend. Trey running with a new torch lit. Trey running a little to fast for the media truck. Trey slows to a jog. Trey now walks as the wind picks up. Trey is about to pass the flame onto Martha Benjamin. Martha now has the flame and will ride in a dogsled for her leg. The RCMP helping Marhta get into the dogsled. Martha is very excited to be in a dogsled with the torch. Everyone are cheering on the dogs to give it their all. The flame is winning a fight against the wind and the speed of the team running. The dogs are giving it their all. The team is doing their best to keep to the speed limit. Dougie Charlie is felling the heat of the flame. The wind is really picking up now. a big crowd welcoming the flame to our school and the olympic flame cauldron. Martha now runs the flame to the cauldron. The cauldron gets lit. Some of the school children singing our national anthem. The children are singing in both English and Gwitchin. Marion Schafer gives the flame and cauldron a blessing in Gwitchin. Martha tells of her experience as an Olympic torch bearer. The Mounties standing guard as the ceremonies continue. Geraldine VanBibber saying a few words about the importance of this event Geraldine presenting a plaque to to Chief Joe Linklater. Joe recieves a torch to stay in Old Crow. The Flame is going back into a lantern to be transported to the next location of its journey. The flame in the claderin is extinguished. Brandon Kyikavichik tells a story about how Vuntut Gwitchin lived long ago. Kelly Ollett modeling a type of dress that would be used on special occasions. Kecia Kassi modeling another type of dress that would be used on special occasions. Michelle Kendi-Rispin modeling another type of dress that would be used on special occasions. Camisha Charlie-Tizya modeling another dress that would be used on special occasions. Kristen Charlie modeling another caribou skin dress used for special occasions. David Frost modeling what men wear for speical occasions. Stephen Frost showing the winter clothes. All the models do a final show of Vuntut Gwitchin traditional clothing. Neta Benjamin holding baby Shaylynn in a babybelt leads the group. Baby Shaylynn in her beaded bonnet and little canvas wrap-around boots. One final look at our traditional clothes. Trey just doesn't want to part ways with the torch he carried. Phillip Rispin demonstrating the Handkerchief dance. Brandon, Kecia, and Camisha also demonstrating the handkerchief dance. Neta Arnold and Esau Schafer doing the red river jig. Edna Kyikavichik and Brandon Kyiavichik doing the red river jig. Esau and Kristen about to start the red river jig. Esau and Neta jigging to get some of the special guests to do a jig with them. everyone is starting to jig. Everyone doing a square dance. Wayne Ollett being interviewed by Chon FM. David, Darius Elias, and Erika. Martha with her son Ronald Benjamin. One of the coordinators saying a few words. L-R: Kibbie Tetlichi, Erika, Lance Nagwan, Wayne. The 737 is taking off with the torch and media in hand. The very large 737 for the small town in midair take-off.

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