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Ch'itsuh (Pemmican)
Submitted by: Mary Jane Moses

Amount Ingredient
5-10 lbs Caribou meat from the hindquarter sections (ch'adhoo), the sinew section (tth'etthai'), the rump section (ch'anchan), or from the arms (ch'igin)
1/2-1 lbs Caribou fat (ch'ak'eh) sliced off from the hindquarter sections or you can also use lace fat from the stomach area or bone marrow (ch'izhee).
1-2 ts Salt (optional)

You begin the process by taking as much sinew and gristle (ch'at) off of caribou meat parts, then you put whatever part you are using into a roasting pan and place in a 350'F oven. Roast the meat pieces for about 2 hours. Let the meat cool off as you prepare the caribou fat.

Chop or dice up the caribou fat and place into a frying pan and melt the fat down. While the caribou fat is melting, take your roasted meat pieces and begin the process of pounding it.

On a clean tablecloth on the floor, place a round clean rock that will withstand pounding. Sit down on the floor and begin pounding the pieces of meat with the clean blunt end of a small axe. By pounding the meat, this flattens the meat fibers out and the meat falls apart. Keep pounding away until you have small sized meat pieces.

Once all your meat is pounded and grounded up, take your hot caribou fat off the stove and pour into your meat mixture. With clean hands mix up the meat and melted caribou fat and form into meatballs. You can add salt flavor if you wish. Lay the meatball pemmican on a clean tray, cover and freeze overnight. When it's time to eat, thaw out just slightly and then enjoy eating this delicious and nutritious snack.

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