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Robert Postma Gets Dental Checkup From Dr. Keigan Robert Postma gets a quick dental checkup by Dr. Keigan. During his visits to Old Crow Dr. Keigan along with his Dental Assistant will see more than 80 patients and will work throughout the weekend to make sure all patients dental needs are met.

In a recent case history a patient's ankle was x-rayed at the Nursing Station by Nurse Roz Mahood. After examining the x-ray Nurse June Johnson diagnosed a fractured ankle. A temporary cast was applied to the ankle and the patient was flown to Whitehorse on the following days flight. After surgery was performed on the ankle at the Whitehorse General Hospital the patient returned to Old Crow.
The following pictures are of the removal of the patients cast and removal of surgical stitches. This being done by the nurses at the Old Crow Nursing Station.

Robert Postma Removes Patients Cast Robert Postma who recently replaced Roz Mahood as the Nurse Practitioner removes the patients cast.

Robert Postma Removes Patients Cast

Robert Removes Stitches

Prior to the existence of the Old Crow Nursing Station (before 1960) residents had to depend on themselves for medical treatment. Women gave birth with the assistance of midwives and many self made traditional medicines were used for a variety of illnesses. Many of these traditional medicines are still used today.

The Yukon Territorial Government - Health and Social Services is the agency responsible for health care in Old Crow as well as in the rest of the Yukon.

Community nursing employment opportunities available in the Yukon here ...

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