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Pictures for
Friday July 12, 2002

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Agenda for Friday, July 12th - Last updated July 5, 2002
7:00-10:00   Breakfast

10:00   Gwich'in Council and Arctic Athabaskan Council Updates
Special Guest: John Crump

12:00   Lunch - Crowning of Gwitchin King and Queen, Prince and Princess

1:00   Personal Dev. Day

  • Sweats
  • Business Booths
  • Flea Market
  • Stories/music

    Youth Workshop with
              Mr. Reggie Leach

    2:00   Stick Pull w/ K.Geddes

    4:30   Youth Conference 2002 Presentations and Resolutions

    5:00   Games

  • Kids Bike Race
  • Wheel Barrow Race
  • Target Contest
  • Dart Throwing
  • Muskrat Skinning
  • Caribou Leg Skinning
  • Black Duck Plucking
  • 6:00   Supper

    7:00-10:00 Dance - Music by the Metis Band:
    Lavallee Tradition
    Country Music
    written by Dave & Marj Lavallee
    60 sec clip (934KB)

    Announcement of the next hosting community in Alaska